Jollibee Fastfood use Earthworm


Jollibee fast-food use Earthworm-meat 

to Produce Hamburger Patties?


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Alert by; Hedrik D. Slovlei DG

Tallinn, Estonia


Please DO NOT read if you have weak stomach

Jollibee fast-food in the Philippines has been a part of the Philippine traditions for so many years. Many people, day in and day out,  eat at Jollibee religiously. Do they really know what they are eating?

First of all, has anybody noticed that for whatever reason, that a lot of people, about 7 out of 10 fast-food customers, loves the great tasting...juicy burgers of Jollibee? Well, we might say as well "ADDICTING" to most taste buds.

Jollibee Foods Corp. actually boast of almost close to 2 billion burgers sold to consumers since 1978 and still quickly doubling their sales up to now.

Now wonder why these Jollibee people made it to that modest success, surpassing even the world's American hamburger giants; McDonald's and Burger King, in South Asia?

An insider, (name not to be disclosed) ; in fact a purchase Officer of Jollibee fast-food Philippines told us recently, with secrecy, some very upsetting facts.

We made it possible to answer these intriguing questions through a reliable source which I met last summer in an agricultural & farming business forum in the western coast of Taipei. Actually an ex-middle person for Jollibee's raw agricultural and livestock's purchases since the company's beginnings in 1975. We privately discussed the "untold" secrets of how Jollibee fast-food made it profit with their "low-cost" hamburger products although these fast-food people claim using 100% pure beef patties with the highest quality standards in their hamburgers; 

furthermore, they define "beef patty" as being "100% pure inspected beef; no additives, no fillers, no extenders." however, we found out that Jollibee fast-food made "COST-CUTTING" techniques to profit with these "low-cost, high-quality" hamburgers from the very beginning of their operations.


He also added that in 1994,  Jollibee imported tons of "E.colli infected" beef from Australia which cost 75% cheaper than regular inspected beef; however, the company stopped importing these raw beef after USDA investigators from Washington discovered the cow-decease in 1995. (E.colli is a cow decease; )

refer to CNN URL;

"Jollibee fast-food Company did actually fed the Philippine people with EARTHWORMS for almost 25 years. I'm so concerned for what this company does and it's consequences.  I've tried to quit my job for several times due to conscience but unfortunately, Me and my family's life was threatened. I took the risk of getting out of the company after 2 decades of unease service. I've decided to leave the Philippines with my family and started a new life, however, I still live with scare, I should be refraining from  disclosing this information but my worries won't leave me and I'm really afraid, most specially for my family".

How did Jollibee fast-food came into this idea?
>1. To save cost on hamburger patties production. Earthworm meat is much cheaper than cow beef due to it's abundance of supply.
>2. To make their hamburgers "ADDICTIVE". A substance on worms which makes their hamburgers unique taste.
>3. The company's founder is an entomophagist.

How is this possible? 
Our source further discussed the issue; "If only quality meat inspectors from the Philippine Government made strict inspection & monitoring of the ingredients for production , then this might not probably give way to happened but unfortunately, graft and corruption is anywhere on almost government offices so I think this makes it possible for Jollibee fast-food to lie and claim their hamburgers to be 100% percent pure beef."


  Why mix "EARTHWORMS" with my hamburger?
>1. Earthworms are one of natures most complete food sources, so much that they are considered to be an excellent food source for special service operatives of various military forces throughout the world. 

>2. Worms are full of calcium, vitamins, roughage and protein which makes them a complete food. 
>3. Earthworms have a nice concentration of protein in a little package near 70% percent on a dry weight basis and they are entirely edible and abundant to collect so that's why earthworms are very good meat replacement.
>4. A pound of dried earthworm is 50-60% percent cheaper than quality inspected beef and other meat extenders/fillers.
>5. Earthworms will grow at a much faster rate than on any other animal and abundant of supply.

>6. Earthworms contains chemical substances that makes it addictive.

>7. Powdered earthworms when blended with beef makes no difference, unnoticeably likes exactly  100% pure beef.
>8. Dried earthworm taste and smells exactly like beef if cooked.


How do they do it?
Jollibee's Commissary/Production depends on it's suppliers. Raw ingredients for all of their products are shipped daily to their warehouse for inspection, safe-keeping and  production. The suppliers of these raw ingredients are regulated by Jollibee itself. 

The earthworm now comes with an exclusive supplier (actually a  Jollibee controlled based in mainland China). This supplier manage the purchase of earthworms from the farmers/villagers;  then process the earthworms through cleaning, drying, grinding/powdering, blended with other substances such as preservatives and coloring, then preparation for packaging/safekeeping. The finished product then goes shipping to it's destination to a storage warehouse for meat processing in Manila, Philippines; declared to the Customs & Ports Authority as "Dog Food". In an unknown warehouse; (where powdered earthworms are delivered) is were ground cow beef is blended with powdered earthworm. The mixture ratio at  50% COW BEEF; 40% POWDERED EARTHWORM; (10% OTHER INGREDIENTS WILL BE BLENDED AT THE JOLLIBEE COMMISSARY; then it will be delivered immediately to  process  burger patties through  FORMING/SHAPING, FREEZING, PACKAGING, INSPECTION & STORAGE; then finally, delivered to store outlets for general distribution.
An estimate of approx. 20 thousand metric tons of "Powdered Earthworms" are consumed by Jollibee since 1980 thus saving cost on production of hamburger patties by at least 30-40% percent."

Yes, Jollibee fast-food saved an astounding US$120,000,000.00 of cost-cutting savings on hamburger patties alone."

Is it hazardous to consumers health?
No.. Earthworms and most various types of worms are edible, raw or cooked; however, some customers, most likely children complaint of  stomach ache and vomiting but we don't see any relation of the earthworm's effect to it. Kids might just eat too much that resulted to stomach ache and vomiting."

Is it legal? If not what are the penalties?
It is legal if Jollibee keeps it and government authorities not knowing it; however, if the government founds and proves it that they're using a different ingredient to their product rather that one stated as 100% pure inspected beef, then I think the food Bureau and the trades will file serious fraud and criminal charges to them. What I think more threatening is what if the public consumers finds this out? I presume you have an idea of what might probably will most likely happened.


What would Jollibee Fastfood probably do if the consumers finds this?
I guess it's tough, hard to beat issues like this; the public might call it a hoax or whatever the people's point of view might be about the issue. Most probably millions  of people will imagine how horrible the truth is that they actually eaten EARTHWORMS on their hamburgers! 

>"Direct Refutation"  would be the immediate action in respond to this concern.
But I suggest Jollibee Fastfood to declare a Public Apology for they have just fooled millions of Jollibee consumers and generations for a quarter of a century.

The editors point of view

While I'm writing this article, I felt pity and concern on the Philippine People who were all victim by greed of Jollibee Foods Corp.'s  scrupulous owner. I looked at Jollibee's web site;  URL; , I saw the company very impressing. Jollibee is probably the best fastfood company in the Philippines but what I've found recently, turned me  wonder a lot about the terrifying information disclosed to me, a secret that should not be told, a horrifying truth that has been around for years; but I can't let this happened for long. nor I can't take it to think that now, tomorrow and will it continue, that Jollibee fast-food will feed the people with EARTHWORM hamburgers.

So I pray upon the Philippine Government, to the authorities that are responsible for this, that you closely investigate and look upon to this threatening matter, that millions of consumers are victimized by these scrupulous companies. It is your duty, that you protect the welfare of your countrymen, lest your children might be continued to be a victim of fraud and lie.

To the Jollibee Owner/CEO; PLEASE STOP FEEDING THE PEOPLE WITH EARTHWORMS! or else, that it may not take long that you and your company will be turned down by the public and will be thrown to jail.








This article is written based on the accounts, claim and information disclosed by a reliable source who was been with the company for a couple of decades. No names of individual/people are included, written, published in this article to maintain privacy and security to individual/s involved in this matter. We're no intention to harm, whatever this article may arise to. Article for information purposes and reference.


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